Wall Hangings

Sea Glass hanging, 90% cotton & 10% ladder yarn, 2' x 6'.

If you are looking for a decorative art detail for your home or office, a handwoven wall hanging is an unsurpassed solution. Wall hangings also make unique, interesting gifts and are appealing in both classic and modern settings.

The large wall hangings here range in size from 9.5" to 24" wide and up to  72" in length. Ann Robinson Textiles custom designs hangings for any size space and dyes color combinations to complement your decor.

Each of the smaller wall hangings (s) measures approximately 6 inches wide and 18 inches long, making it a perfect size for that plain corner of the room or intimate space. For more pattern and texture details, click on the images.




  Six Twills in Garnet & Birch. 100% cotton, 21 x 42.5.        Six Twills in Garnet & Birch detail.        Azure Twill & Paint. 70% cotton, 30% tencel, 9.5" x 65."        SOLD. Study in Purple. 100% cotton, 12.5 x 44.5.        SOLD Turquoise Red. 100% cotton, 12.25 x 45.

  (s) Painted Warp with Navy. 100% tencel.        (s) Dark Teal. 100% tencel.        (s) Azure. 100% tencel.        (s) Blueberry. 100% tencel.        SOLD. (s) 1-2-3 Greens. 100% cotton.

  SOLD. (s) (l) Dark purple, magenta, & blue. 78% cotton, 22% ecco ladder ribbon.  (r) Magenta & blue. 88% cotton, 12% ecco ladder ribbon.        SOLD. (s) Dark purple, magenta, blue, & ecco ribbon detail.        (s) Oranges. Silk, cotton, & tencel, 8" x 24"        (s) Oranges. Silk, cotton, & tencel, 8" x 39"        Golden Pavilion, 100% tencel, 9" x 62."


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