Stash Slash Project 6

Over the years, I have collected and dyed a lot of tencel. The fiber is wonderful to work with and takes the dye so well that I went overboard. In other words, I have a lot of hand-dyed tencel! I decided to use some to make placemats using 5/2 cotton sett at 24 epi and the tencel sett at 36 epi. The first set came out pretty well, and you can see the color progression within the mat.


The tencel for these mats, however, was painted in wider swatches. Consequently, the color progression shows up from one mat to the other instead of within a single mat. You can tell that both mats belong to the same set, but the individual mats are a bit of a disappointment. I suppose one can use these as a split table runner to highlight the color movement.


One thing I did manage to do was to use all the 5/2 crab color. In fact, I ran out of it and used moss green to compliment the tencel green. The other yarn that I used was unmercerized cotton in purple. The weft is the same purple in 8/16 cotton. I'm happy with the color combination but not with the end result.



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