Red Hot, 100% tencel.

Wearable art in the form of a scarf dramatically changes the look of whatever you're wearing. A scarf worn with jeans makes an everyday staple stand out in a crowd.  When you have a concert or play to attend after work, a scarf will add an elegant touch to your office wear. Also, scarves make wonderful gifts for special but hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives.  For example, consider presenting a hand-dyed, handwoven scarf to your mother-in-law along with a gift certificate for her to purchase an outfit to match.

Browse through the collection here to find one for yourself or a special someone. Scarves generally measure 5 - 6 inches wide to minimize bunching around the neck and 72 inches long to allow for a variety of tie options. Ann Robinson Textiles also custom designs and handcrafts scarves to your individual taste and needs.

Scarves from Ann Robinson Textiles are inspired by color combinations seen in many different venues. One inspiration came from one of the buildings at the Lama Temple in Beijing. The vibrant reds, dark greens, and yellow accents are woven into a golden brown background. While these colors are associated with the autumn season, they are used differently here to create a unique style.

For more pattern and texture detail on each scarf, click on the images.

  Red Hot detail.        Red Hot detail.        Michelle II, 50% silk & 50% tencel.        Golden Pavilion, 100% tencel, 9" x 62".        Grain storage house, Lama Temple, Beijing. 

  SOLD Red Feathers. 100% tencel.        Red Feathers detail.        Ladybug. 75% soy, 25% bamboo.       Ladybug detail.        SOLD Iowa Colors I, 50% silk & 50% tencel.

  Michelle I, 100% tencel.        Oprah I, 100% tencel.         Tiffany scarf on the loom.       Tiffany, 100% silk.       SOLD Red Plaited Twill, 100% tencel.

  Red Quarry (blue teal), 100% tencel.        Red Quarry detail.         Teal Blue Shawl, 50% tencel & 50% soy, 17' X 75".        Sassy Sun. 100% tencel.       Sassy Sun detail.

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