Five Months Later

Hey! I have been writing, but the system wasn't posting. Turns out that the site needed a new editor function, but I didn't know that. So, it's fixed now, and I can bring you up to date.

First, I continue to slash my stash, but the camera port has gone haywire, so you'll just have to take my word for it that I've been working away. The gadgets that we depend on work wonderfully until they don't ... then it's quite the challenge to figure out how to fix them. The site needed the attention of the web master, the camera plug in is still a mystery.

Second, I am deciding to take a new direction in my weaving = to concentrate more on linens and less on hand-dyed scarves. As such, I am selling off my tencel collection of hand-dyed warps and cones. I'm including my soy, bamboo, and silk yarns as well. After the sale, I'll see what remains and maybe pick up that part of my weaving career at a later date.

To start off my new endeavor, I am winding an 8-yard warp (yikes!) to weave a set of 8 placemats. I'm using 8/2 carpet warp in a variety of colors, and that means I'm winding many (a lot of!) chains. It's a big project, and maybe I'll have figured out the camera problem by the time I finish the mats so you can see.

I'm also turning to perle cotton for table runners and unmercerized cotton and cottolin for towels. Yes, this is new for me and will provide the opportunity to experiment more with structure. Up until now, I've been keeping the structures rather simple to show off the hand-dyed colors.

As I move along, I'll let you know how it's going - assuming something else doesn't break in the meantime!

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