Custom Ordering Process

Ann Robinson Textiles (a.r.t.) creates custom wearable and practical handwoven art pieces to suit your individual taste.

The interactive process begins with a communication (personal, telephone, email) outlining what you have in mind.

The next step is to discuss the fiber, color, and design elements you would like. If you are seeking to complement a piece of clothing or home/office furnishing, a photograph and/or fabric swatch helps to determine color and texture compatibility.

a.r.t. will then dye samples and send them to you for review. Once you approve the sample colors and design, the dyeing and weaving process will begin. a.r.t. will also advise you of the time needed to produce the item(s) and give you an anticipated delivery date.

Custom Schedule of Payment

Custom commissions require a $50.00 deposit for sample colors and design options. After final approval, a 50% deposit of the total cost is required to start the project. When the project is complete, a.r.t. will send you a photograph of the item(s) and request the remaining 50% plus postage. The final payment must be received before shipping.

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