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Delayed Update

Oops! I missed the Dec. 29 update. And now I’m late for the Jan. 29 update! Oh well………….

New Challenge

My fall “bit o’ slump” turned into a rather sobering experience when I got the news on Nov. 8 that I have breast cancer. The prognosis is good and surgery is scheduled for December 9, but I’m concerned that it may be awhile before I can pull the beaters on my looms.  The inkle should be manageable, and I expect/hope to have the other three looms busy again soon after the first of the year. In fact, I’m getting ready = winding, dying (pic), sleying, and threading so that they’re set to go when I am.

Fall bit o' slump

Sort of blanked out on my weaving this month = working extra hours, planting a new tree, getting not-so-good news on my mammogram. Have been trying to get my creative juices going again, so I joined two new groups (for me, they are new).

Revisiting Master Weaver Programs

First, my trip to The Mannings was terrific! Tom Knisely is indeed the teacher of all time. He had 13 looms warped with a variety of twills, and nine of us wove like h... for three full days. The 4th day (Monday morning and Thursday afternoon) was taken up with introductions and discussion of the various weaving structures and then with cutting off the looms and separating the pieces.

HGA COE Master Weaver: Tight Schedule

The HGA COE program consists of two levels:  Technical Skills (level 1) and Master in Handweaving with Specialized Study (level 2). The challenge for me is that I need to submit all my work for level 1 by next August (2012). If I don't make that deadline, I have to wait for two years, i.e., until 2014 (!) to submit. Facing this time frame, I've spent most of my time this last month on the assignments and not too much time on weaving. Moreover, I have to decide before the end of January, 2012 whether I'll make the August deadline because that is when the application fee is due.

What's REALLY New?

What's really new is that I have decided to publicly admit that I definitely prefer weaving to blogging. Again, it has been 108 days since my last entry. I have accomplished a lot in that time but not written about it. Despite the fact that one has to "keep getting out there" through blogging and social networking to maintain a viable web business, I find myself paralyzed on what to write and bored with what I read. Really!

Wearable Art II

The second of my five projects is on my 36" jack loom. It is an 18" wide, 72" long shawl in 10/2 tencel. I died the warp in a blue teal and broke up the solid color with a muted cranberry. The weft is the same blue teal. When it's finished, I'll post a picture.


Wearable Art I

Ten days ago, I wrote that I had 5 (not just 1!) projects in the planning stages. Since then, I have warped 4 looms, and the 5th loom is 3/4 warped. Yes, indeed, I have begun weaving again!

The first project is on my 26" 8-shaft jack loom and has a hand-painted silk noil warp for a 6" x 72" scarf. I dyed the warp in muted shades of green teal, apricot orange, faded magenta, and blue teal. The weft is 70/2 silk in the same blue teal. 

Starting Again

It's been 108 days since I've written and, in that time, I've managed to get through the holidays, celebrate Chinese New Year (Feb. 3), get the taxes done, have another birthday, and clean up the damage from a branch (10" diameter. some 18' high) that came down during one of our many rain storms.

Handwoven Scarf II

 Earlier I mentioned that I have gotten several requests for commissioned scarves. I decided to post pictures to illustrate my ongoing work despite the fact that I am not a photographer. If you like this design and/or color scheme, please contact me through this site (

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