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Tencel Tape

Several years ago I was introduced to tencel tape at a conference where one presenter was illustrating how to design a mixed warp. She used tencel tape among the variety of novelty yarns in her warp. While I work a lot in 8/2 and 10/2 tencel, I had never seen the tencel tape that she used. Turns out that it comes from Prism Yarns, owned, operated, fashioned, and designed by Laura Byrant. Laura also has produced a video for Interweave titled A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color. I encourage you to look at her website ( for her stunning hand-dyed fibers.

Stash Slash Project 3

Black unmercerized cotton in 10/2 is terrific as the thin yarn in rep weave. I have quite a lot of it and decided to combine it with natural cottolin and magenta unmercerized 10/2.


Soy and Bamboo - Lengthy Project

Oh my golly! It's been four months since I've posted!! Well, the primary reason is that I've been weaving more slowly as of late. Turns out that there is a high correlation between lower estrogen levels and the development of arthritis. Yuk! I went off estrogen as soon as I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the resulting hot flashes have been a real pain. What I wasn't expecting, however, was joint pain in my right hand and left jaw. My dentist sent me to a specialist who explained the connection.

Ariel Has a New Home

I'm delighted to announce that Ariel is now residing with Jessica Gao of Beijing and a student at New York University (NYU). It is such a pleasure to see my work out and about. The scarf and model are gorgeous together!!


Stash Slash Project 2

Here I'm weavng mats using soy from Conjoined Creations. I actually washed the soy before weaving, and a lot of the dye came out. The results are more muted colors than I had planned, but I'm using coordinated color cotton in wine, melon, and quarry to try to make it all come together. The finished piece will be two mats, each 20" x 13". I hope to find a bowl or some other ceramic to compliment the color scheme. Wish me luck!

Stash Slash Project 1


Stash Slash

Now that the WWA program where I was teaching is closed, AND because my studio endeavor went caput, I need a new challenge. So, I've decided to weave with the materials that I have collected over the years, i.e., no yarn-buying until the chest is empty. I expect to create some very interesting pieces using somewhat unusual color combinations. Stay tuned!

a.r.t. Weaving is Down and Out!

Twenty days after the grand opening for my new studio, the owner of Craftology advised me that she was closing her doors. It seems that people say that they would love to learn something, but they don't actually sign up to take the class. For whatever reason - the continued economic downturn, people's busy schedules, the availability of 'how to' videos on youtube - the business of teaching art is no longer viable. I'm sad, especially since a lot of work went into this endeavor, but I'm pleased to have more time for my own art.

a.r.t. Weaving is Up and Running!


New Home

I’m opening a weaving studio! I wrote last time that Women’s Wisdom Art is closing and that I had to find a home for the looms and equipment before June 30. Well, I found a perfect space and the official opening is Saturday, April 21. How’s that for fast? What’s more – I start teaching May 1. I’ll continue at Women’s Wisdom until the end

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