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Theo Moorman

I look a workshop with Tom Knisley at The Mannings last month and fell in love with this style of weaving. Once I get the towels off my Dorset, I will warp it to weave more Theo Moorman. Look for news pics here, and - as usual - click on the image to get larger views.



It took awhile, but here they are! Also, my site was down for awhile while I changed hosts, so that added to the time it has taken me to post these pictures.

I had warped the loom for eight mats, but had enough weft for only 6. I am making a table runner or two with the remaining warp:  one with the rest of the thick navy mop yarn (used in the mats) and one with thin mop yarn, navy again. Will post pics once they are done ... hopefully much sooner than it took to post these!  Click on the images to get larger views.


Project Update

It's taken 2 months -- off and on, of course -- to get this project ready to weave. I wound 28 chains, sleyed at 36 epi, threaded 504 ends, and beamed all 8 yards. The first picture shows the chains, and the second shows the warp. You can click on the images to get closer views and even count the chains!


Five Months Later

Hey! I have been writing, but the system wasn't posting. Turns out that the site needed a new editor function, but I didn't know that. So, it's fixed now, and I can bring you up to date.

First, I continue to slash my stash, but the camera port has gone haywire, so you'll just have to take my word for it that I've been working away. The gadgets that we depend on work wonderfully until they don't ... then it's quite the challenge to figure out how to fix them. The site needed the attention of the web master, the camera plug in is still a mystery.

Stash Slash Project 7 - Wedding Mats

I was asked to weave a set of placemats as a wedding gift, and the colors that the bride requested were red and black. The warp in these is red and charcoal, and the weft is black. Each mat is a different point twill:  a 6-end point, an 8-end, a 10-end, and a 12-end point twill. 

Stash Slash Project 6

Over the years, I have collected and dyed a lot of tencel. The fiber is wonderful to work with and takes the dye so well that I went overboard. In other words, I have a lot of hand-dyed tencel! I decided to use some to make placemats using 5/2 cotton sett at 24 epi and the tencel sett at 36 epi. The first set came out pretty well, and you can see the color progression within the mat.

Stash Slash Project 5

Unmercerized cotton in purple and magenta and a lot of wheat-colored bamboo. I seem to have acquired not only a large cone of wheat bamboo but also a large cone of dark brown bamboo. Bamboo 12 is pretty thin (like 10/2), so you can imagine how much yardage is in 1.5-pound cones!

I tried the bamboo with the cotton and did not like the results, so I finished the warp with black unmercerized cotton. That came out pretty well, but I'm back to the challenge of how to use the bamboos!

Stash Slash Project 4

This process of using all my stash before buying any more yarn will get more interesting as I get down to the weird colors. For now, though, this is pretty straightforward. I had some 10/2 natural unmercerized cotton that I dyed in an indigo dye bath. There wasn't a lot of indigo, but still the yarn came out as a pretty blue. I paired it with navy unmercerized cotton and wove these shadow weave towels. This cotton is so soft and really laps up the water. If you use perle cotton in towels, they don't absorb very well.

Tencel Tape II

Tumbleweed this time. The first picture shows the tencel tape in blue-ish gray tones along with the bamboo. This tape is broader than most weaving yarns, and so you must use a structure (rep is a good one) that allows it to "breathe." 

Hiatus = New Job

Four months later = the primary reason for the hiatus is that I've been busy with my new job = weaving instructor at UC Davis. Here is a picture of the studio that shows 6 of the 7 floor looms (click on the image to get a better perspective). The 6 Schacht table looms are stored on the shelf at the right. I started teaching in the spring quarter (March) and have a full class for the summer. In the fall, I hope to offer two classes:  one for beginners on the table looms and one for intermediate weavers on the floor looms. This is a dream studio/job! How cool is that?


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