Ann Robinson

After many years of teaching and advising students on campuses including the University of Wisconsin and Stanford, budget cuts left me without a classroom.  Finally, I could focus full time on my inherent artistic interests - dyeing and weaving yarn.

Today I design and weave one-of-a-kind textiles using traditional looms, respecting and preserving an ancient form of art. I have three looms in my home studio and use only natural fibers, primarily plant fibers (cotton, tencel [wood], bamboo, soy, linen, hemp) and silk. The weaving process is itself an art, and I weave not to create a picture but rather to express a feeling through color and structure. I hand-dye the yarn in a variety of color combinations and then choose a structure of repeating patterns, resulting in a visual rhythm that is evident in each piece.

I have been teaching the weaving process since early 2009 and presently offer classes at the University of California, Davis. Previously, I had established the weaving curriculum at Women's Wisdom, an art therapy program offered through the Sacramento Food Bank until it closed in July 2012.

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